HyperSext City Exhibition

Tin Sheds Gallery – Sydney, New South Wales

The first in the HyperSext City exhibition series, Monash University XYX Lab’s was held at the Tin Sheds Gallery in Sydney, New South Wales. The show extended XYX Lab’s ongoing local and international applied research, drawing attention to the experiences of women*, girls and LGBTQI+ communities by presenting data and intersectional narratives of gender.

Making gender data visible, and generating new sources of data based on lived experience are essential tools in developing gender-sensitive approaches to design, architecture and urbanism.

Over the exhibition period, the exhibition itself and aligned events aimed to develop agendas, approaches and expertise that communicates to practitioners and scholars in design, architecture, urbanism, and policy as well as those in aligned disciplinary areas and an engaged general audience.

Past Events

HyperSext City Floortalk via Webinar

In this webinar the exhibition directors, designers and researchers will discuss the importance of data and intersectional narratives that makes visible the experiences of women, girls and LBGTQI+ communities.

Designer historian Dr Jess Berry will provide a contextual overview of HyperSext City — the installation, hypergraphic, website and video projections—and foreground the XYX Labs focus on personal safety as central to understanding how spatial inequality excludes or hinders engagement with the urban environment.

Communication designer, Head of Monash Design Department and co-director of the XYX Lab – Associate Professor Gene Bawden – will step through the HyperSext HyperGraphic with a focus on the ways that stories, statistics and data amplify the experiences of diverse communities whose voices are often unheard.

Project Facilitator, Designer and Researcher Isabella Webb will address the ways the HyperSext Repository and interactive website brings together pertinent statistics and quotes derived from significant research to help audiences further understand the stories behind the hypergraphic.

Associate Professor and founding director of the Monash University XYX Lab Nicole Kalms will explore the production of video narratives Do you feel Safe? and A Billion Views to capture women, girl’s and gender diverse perspectives of urban space and the need to engage audiences with gendered cityscapes to provoke discussions on ways our cities might be designed to support diversity.